Let the drifters guide you.

Huckleberry’s Governance platform is based on Snapshot’s decentralised voting system. The platform allows any drifter to create proposals and vote usin’ their $TOM tokens.

How does it work?


$TOM held in wallets and $TOM staked in Shore Excursions are all included. $TOM supplied to Thatcher’s Reservoir, Huckleberry’s lendin’ platform, will not be included to avoid the risk of double voting (i.e., someone could lend and borrow $TOM. If both sides were counted, 1 $TOM would equal 2 votes).


Any drifter can submit a proposal for others to vote on. To start, only certain proposals will be bindin’. This is to ensure that all bindin’ proposals are technically feasible. In practice, what this means is that there will be two types of proposals.

  • Core: These are proposals posted by the ol’ Finn and the Huckleberry team. If the proposal is Boolean (in other words, of the true/false or yes/no variety), the proposal requires more than 50% approval from the community and 10% of the eligible votes in order to pass. If the proposal is a poll (in other words, offers several voting options), the option with the most votes will pass.

  • Regular: These are proposals posted by the Huckleberry community. These are used to propose ideas and show the community's point of view. When a Regular Proposal gains enough traction, it will be posted as a Core Proposal.

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