Risk Parameters

Underneath the hood

Thatcher's Reservoir uses standard risk parameters commonly used by other established lendin' protocols like Compound and Banker Joe.

Collateral Factor

The collateral factor is the percentage of your collateral that can be borrowed against.

For example, if you deposit 1000 USDC.m, a collateral factor of 80% means you can borrow up to 800 USDC.m worth of assets.


Seized collateral is liquidated at a 10% discount for all markets in order to incentivise liquidators. Of the 10%, the protocol takes a portion of liquidated tokens and donates it to Tom's House.

In other words, 2% of the 10% discount is given to Tom's House while 8% of the 10% discount is given to liquidators.

Flash Loan

There are no flash loan fees associated with Thatcher's Reservoir.

Reserve Factor

A share of the accrued borrowin' interest that is withheld by the protocol and donated to Tom's House. This portion is determined by the Thatcher's Reservoir's reserve factor.

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