Huckleberry's yield farmin'

Why Sail on Rivers?

  • Deposit your HBLP tokens into Rivers to earn extra yield
  • Extra yield is rewarded as $FINN tokens, unless otherwise indicated

How to earn $FINN rewards with Rivers

  • Connect and confirm your wallet
  • Visit Huckleberry's Liquidity page
  • Add Liquidity to a token pair of your choice (e.g. $FINN / $MOVR)
  • Navigate to Huckleberry's River page. It is in the Adventures dropdown menu
  • Find the River that corresponds to the token pair where you added Liquidity (e.g. $FINN / $MOVR)
  • Click Deposit. You are now viewing the River's management page
  • Deposit your HBLP tokens
  • Confirm the transaction in your wallet
  • Congratulations, you are now earning $FINN reward by sailin' one of #Huckleberry's Rivers!

How to harvest rewards

  • $FINN rewards are updated in real time
  • To receive your $FINN rewards, click the Claim button in the River's management page
  • If you are sailing in multiple Rivers, you can click the Harvest all button on the Rivers page to receive all your $FINN rewards at once

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