About Huckleberry

Let the river guide you.

Humble Origins

Finn here! Allow me to introduce m’self and a brand-new kind of community driven AMM crosschain DEX and lendin' platform called Huckleberry!

For longer than you can even imagine, I have been dreamin’ of and waitin’ for a fair and decentralized crosschain exchange that rewards those among us blessed with the drifter spirit. Having been called a dream maker by some, I decided to stop waitin’, put together a group of 10 blockchain-industry veterans and set about designin’ Huckleberry.

Huckleberry 100% fair launched in October 2021. There were no presales and no private sales. The entirety of the initial circulating supply was airdropped to $MOVR holders.

Huckleberry is built on Moonriver and CLV and makes use of Wanchain’s decentralized crosschain bridges. It is a special project designed for people who are willin’ to cross rivers, networks and blockchains to see the world and experience all that it has to offer! Huckleberry is built by and for drifters curious enough to see what’s waitin’ ‘round the bend. As a community driven adventure, wherever you’re goin’, Huckleberry is goin’ your way.

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