Shore Excursions

Single-sided $TOM stakin' on Huckleberry

After countless hours sailin’ Huckleberry’s Rivers, some drifters might feel the need to take a short excursion ashore to discover the plentiful mysteries of new surroundings. Huckleberry’s Shore Excursions lets drifters stake $TOM to earn $FINN or other projects’ tokens.

How does it work?

Excursions are the second staking mechanism on Huckleberry. $TOM makes these kinds of single-sided staking pools feasible since $TOM is not subject to Huckleberry’s Passive Sailin’ function. In other words, $TOM transactions are not subject to Passive Sailin'.

Why stake $TOM?

  • No impermanent loss

  • Earn $FINN and other tokens

  • No downside at all

How to stake $TOM

  • Connect and confirm your wallet

  • Visit the Excursions page. It is in the Adventures dropdown menu

  • Find a token that interests you

  • Click Deposit. You are now viewing the Excursion's management page

  • Deposit your $TOM

  • Confirm the transaction in your wallet

  • Congratulations, you are now earning tokens by goin' on a Shore Excursion!

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