Passive Sailin'

NOTE: Passive Sailin' is currently set to 0%, which means it is effectively turned off! The community of drifters can vote if and when to turn Passive Sailin' back on via Governance vote.

In the same way you feel mighty free and easy and comfortable on a raft as it passively flows down rivers a mile wide, Huckleberry takes a more passive approach as well. In addition to the standard swappin’ and liquidity providin’ and farmin’ functions offered by all AMM DEXs, Huckleberry uses a “reflect model” to give “Passive Sailin” rewards to all $FINN holders.

Whenever any amount of $FINN moves from one account to another — be it via regular transaction or smart contract interaction — a percentage is automatically taken and distributed to each and every one of you good drifters out there, proportional to your holdings of course.

But don’t panic just yet. This is a good thing! Let me tell you why.

Each and every one of you good drifters will receive a share of this fee, proportional to your holdings. Not only is this fee automatically and instantly distributed to all $FINN holders, it also requires you to do nothing but sit around and take in the sights. In other words, all you need to do is hold on to your $FINN and you will constantly be earnin’ passive rewards.

That’s right! You get your fair share just by holding $FINN in your wallet, or by commitin’ your $FINN to any liquidity pool. With Huckleberry, you don’t need to do anythin’ besides simply be.

Are all my $FINN eligible for Passive Sailin' rewards?

  • $FINN in your wallet are eligible

  • $FINN in Liquidity are eligible

  • $FINN in Rivers are eligible

  • $FINN in Tom's House are eligible

  • Unclaimed $FINN rewards are not eligible. You must claim your $FINN first

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