Finn's Tradin' Guide

How to trade on Huckleberry

Tradin' on Huckleberry

1. Go to the Huckleberry swap page here
2.  Unlock your wallet by clicking Connect Wallet.
3. Choose the token you want to trade from usin’ the dropdown menu in the upper section. The default setting is $MOVR on Moonriver and $CLV on CLV.
Whichever token you choose, you will need to make sure you have some in your wallet to trade with. Your balance can be seen above the token dropdown menu.
4 .  Choose the token you want to receive usin’ the dropdown menu in the lower section. Type in the amount you want to receive by clickin’ inside the input box.
The number of tokens you need to trade will be estimated automatically by Huckleberry. You can also type in how much you want to trade and Huckleberry will automatically estimate how much you should expect to receive.
5 .  Make sure you wrote what you intended and click Swap.
6 . A box with more details will appear before your eyes. Make sure the details are as you intended.
Once you are sure, click the Confirm Swap button. Then, confirm the transaction once more in your wallet.
And that’s it! You have completed a swap on Huckleberry!

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