Let the river guide you.
Huckleberry is a community driven AMM crosschain DEX and lendin' platform built on Moonriver and CLV. Everythin' we do is community driven which allows all users to have a say in the future direction of the DEX and lendin' platform.

Basic Features at Huckleberry

Trade between tokens with our automated market maker (AMM) crosschain exchange.
Passive Sailin'
$FINN is technically a reflect token, meanin' a percentage of every $FINN transaction is automatically shared among all $FINN holders, proportional to their holdings. Currently, Passive Sailin' is set to 0%, meanin' this feature is currently off. It can be turned on again via governance vote.
Stake LP tokens into Rivers and earn $FINN in return. This is Huckleberry's take on Yield Farming.
Tom's House
Stake $FINN to get $TOM. Because the pool of $FINN backing $TOM continually grows thanks to Passive Sailin,' a share of Huckleberry's DEX fees and a share of Thatcher's Reservoir's lendin' protocol fees, $TOM is worth more $FINN tokens every day.
Stake $TOM to earn $FINN and other tokens. No impermanent loss!
🚤 AuTOMatic Driftin'
Stake $TOM to earn $TOM. Auto-compounded!
Thatcher's Reservoir
Deposit and Borrow assets. This is Huckleberry's Lendin' platform.